Thursday, March 24, 2016


  So I signed up for the influenster program and I got picked to do a review for this product. Honestly, I was kind of skeptic, but I had a chance to actually use it on a hot day when I (attempted to) hike. The smell isn't too strong for me, and I really do like the simplistic and minimalistic face of the spray. I loved the spray, but one thing that I learned is that it's best worn for light days when you aren't going to sweat a lot. Although I did smell good regardless, the smell stays for much longer than my usual deodorant.
All in all, I give this a thumbs up. I'll use this for on the go and light days where I'm not doing any heavy lifting or hiking.


Monday, March 21, 2016

#ootd : feeling summer-ish

knit cardigan; LOFT / top, skirt and tote; Forever21 / shoes; Converse / sunglasses; Rayban

  Well, these month seem to just slip on by! I feel like it was just the first week of March, but it's already Spring! The weather has been very agreeable, It rains, it pours and then the sun comes out. I like it. So, to go with this crazy weather, I wore my basic F21 skirt and my LOFT colorful cardigan to take the slight chill away. It worked. And I must say the cardigan is super soft, but not really my style, so it's in my Poshmark closet. Don't have a Poshmark? Get my referral code here: HLSXL


Saturday, March 12, 2016

in my closet : Vince

  Get these amazing Vince sneakers over at my Poshmark closet. Use code HLSXL to get $10 credit.

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