Friday, February 1, 2013

Just a little something something...

Shoes; DIVIDED (H&M) / Belt; EXPRESS (CROSSROADS) / Stripped Sweater; FOREVER21 (CROSSROADS) / Plaid Shirt; FOREVER21 / Beanies; VIOLET BOUTIQUE

  So... this is what I bought the day before yesterday. I beanies, the belt and the stripped shirt are what I bought at the event. The rest are what I bought at the mall. The event was crowded and there was a few -- okay, a lot -- of beautifully dressed people there. I went alone and I felt kind of scared. I felt intimidated and my loud, friendly manner was no where to be seen. But all is well, I am determined to go to other events, to put myself out there even if I don't drink.

  On another note, it is officially the second month of the year and birthdays are coming up like no one's business  Not to mention Valentines day! What are you guys planning to do that day? Anything exciting? Romantic? Any Valentines Day Party going on I should know about...?

  Have a nice day and remember, Stress Less!
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