Thursday, March 7, 2013

blog love; the top three

Hello everyone. I've decided to post up some of my most favorite things since I never find the time to do anything productive, I've decided to show everyone my favorite blogs. There are three blogs in general that I just love and I admire and inspire me to no end with every and all posts. 
(the blogs are in no order, just to make that clear)

I have to say that by:Dilan Dilir is one of my must reads, hence why she is in my tabs in my page. She is talented and I just love how her style is radiated from her pictures and her drawings. I have to say that I even sent her an email (yes, I am a fan girl) and she replied! I was so happy it was ridiculous! But she has a great blog, go check her out! If you like to draw and like pretty pictures, then her blog is one you need to see.

Jazzabelle's Diary... Gosh, what can I say about her when there's no words? Jazmine's blog is so down to earth and laid back that I wish I could meet her in person so some of it could rub off on me.  Her style is so nice and she -- Jazmine -- herself is so beautiful. I love that she wears her clothes proudly and that she finds different ways to wear them. I also love the the thrill of finding something in a second-hand store, so I can relate to her in some way. Anyways, Jazzabelle's Diary is amazing, everyone should go check her out and show her some love.

Who doesn't like a guy who looks nice and has an amazing style? Well, that's Peter Adrian at The Hobbyists. This dude is so laid back and not to mention talented! Seriously, check him out in and be awed by such a simple and amazing style. I really like Peter because he seems like a nice guy; he replies to people and seems very genuine, that is something you don't get much of now in days with people who think are good-looking much less stylish. So I have to say that it's a breath of fresh air. And what a breath that is! I mean, look at him! >.<

  So, yeah, these are my top three blog loves. There are a few more blogs that I enjoy, but these three are in my tabs for a reason. I love simplicity and humility. And I think these people will go very far in life. My respect and admiration to them. Now go show them some love! 
 (the pictures are of their blogs, no infringement intended, all rights to their awesome owners)
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