Tuesday, March 26, 2013

green & jean

shirt; HERITAGE 81 (F21) / skirt; F21 / boots; PAYLESS
 Well, doesn't this look hip-ish? No, the answer is that it doesn't but I really don't care.  I've been feeling really bad lately. Like physically. I think I'm getting the flu or a cold.. or it might be allergies. Anyways, the thing is that I wake up with body aches and a nagging head ache and it's getting old fast!
On the plus side, I've bough a few things. I know, I know, I'm selling things from my wardrobe, why am I buying more? I like to shop, so sue me!
Also, Im supposed to go jogging with my friend tomorrow at 5am. Hopefully we can both get up. Anyways, I'm off before my head explodes.

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