Friday, March 1, 2013

rockin' it gradma style!

  So I went shopping a little bit before Valentine's Day and I decided to make some memorable mugs for my sister-in-law and my monster (my younger sister) and I decided to check out the racks of clothes in the thrift store and thank goodness I did! I found this beautiful blazer just hanging there waiting for me.

Blazer; RALPH LAUREN (THRIFTED) / Dress; H&M / Bag; Dooney & Bourke / Shoes; Payless

The blazer is just a beautiful piece. The top of the collar (underneath) is brown and suede, just like the elbow patches. They're super soft and comfortable. I paired it with my beige H&M dress and my Dooney & Bourke bag (the dress I got from a second hand shop brand new with tags and the bag from a consignment store near by). I also wore my little one inch kitty heels today. Thank goodness for them, because after standing for 9 hours today I was feeling more than annoyed when I couldn't find any suitable flats for the outfit.  Anyways, I better get to sleep, my eyes are drooping. Good night all. -- Susy
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