Friday, March 29, 2013

that #Slytherin Chick

 My house is the Slytherin house. Yup, I like the cunning and the wit, hence why I love the Slytherin. Plus, who doesn't like the bad boy with a heart? I will admit that I have not watched all of the Harry Potter movies, but I will explain why.
  I become jittery just by knowing that Draco will be made into a Death Eater and Hermione will have to fight against him. So that comes onto the next topic. I am a Dramione shipper. Yup. I love them together and I read so much fanfiction about them that it's ridiculous. Anyways, I bought this badge last year and thought I'd lost it. Turns out it was in my desk drawer -- I knew I should have cleaned months before!  Well, enough of my rambling, have a great evening!


PS: where should I put my badge?
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