Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4:30 PM


BIC marker, orange, my Art Journal, iPhone 4s, Pink Skull Candy Ear buds

  I finally took some pictures with Olly!  As you can see, it's once again time to doodle and think I'm a great doodler. I sat outide for a while sinceI was annoyed and started doodling my annoyance away. While I was at it I decided to eat an orange in the beautiful shade and eat the orange I did!
  Anyways... I think the pictures are pretty good and the quality is great. I don't have much to say other than rant and I'm not sure you guys want to hear me do that but I'll do it anyway.
  Okay, so if you read the post before this one, well, then you would know that I'm feeling quite uncertain about my future.  I'm really hoping my mind calms down and my heart and mind are settled in one place so that I can stop feeling like this.  Okay, so that wasn't long... but my feelings are never ending. I hope I can get things in order and soon.

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