Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"brightlights in the big city..."

  I need to really stop buying things. I can't say shopping since the items I have bough are sporadic. But just yesterday night after coming from work I did something impulsve. I bough an Olympus PEN E-PL1 on Amazon. I had wanted a DSLR for quite some time, but when I researched and read reviews and videos about said camera I was in love. It has a lens you can detach and there is an adaptor you can buy to put other lens' -- from other cameras and brands, mind you -- and have the same quality over having to buy a Canon or Nikon. I have noting against the brands or quality of Canon or Nikon, it's just that for my first camera, I want something a bit less expensive. I have a digital camera, but it's a bit bulky and not appropriate to take out all the time, not to mention it's really blurry after a certain point while zooming into the frame.

  The camera, or Olly (as I am now referring to it), is arriving at my house in two short -- or long, depending on my impatience -- days. All in all, I am excited, tired, kind of broke and happy... no, scratch that, I'm ecstatic.

Have a great day!

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