Monday, April 15, 2013

decluttering and procastinating...

  I want to Live More and Want Less!   I ordered this book by Mary Carlomangno on Amazon a week or two ago and it came in the mail today. I haven't read much of it yet but the introduction and the first chapter. So far it's good. It tells the reader about how we go about wanting to do things the wrong way and what are the steps to go about it the right way. It talks about goals and processes and letting go not to have less, but to be happy with what you've got.

  As you can see, this picture seems strategically messy. The truth is that I was cleaning my closet and took things out and then I thought, "wouldn't Olly look amazing with my books and nature page?"  So that's what I did. Andthis is the result. Do you think it looks nice?

  I haven't gone out to test Olly as I should, but I will! Olly has been sitting in my drawer patiently waiting for my days off so it can come out to play, until then it is happy to have makeshift photo-shoots with other items.  I also have a website with pseudo class assignments I can do at my own pace and learn how to use lighting and all that good stuff. I have to say that Google is my very good friend when it comes to giving me what I need.

    I read urban tease's post (if you click it you'll go to it)  and felt not a spark, no, I felt a roaring fire when I read it. I can relate to her quite a bit with the exception that I don't feel so close to those whom I work with. Chole is going to quit her job with having no back up plan and she has big drams, people who love her and a good looking head on her shoulder. She said that she was equally scared and excited... and that's what I am. Just thinking of the prospect of doing something new is invigorating. I feel that in my job I am doing nothing other than just doing what I did the week before. Quite tiresome and tedious if you ask me.   But I guess that's one of the reasons why I bought Live More, Want Less. To help me compartmentalize my life and wants along with my clutter.
  Anyway, I have to go to bed. It's only 11PM and my body is trying to shut off, so off I go!  Have a good night, or day to whomever is on the other side of the world.
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