Monday, April 15, 2013

somebody asked me and I responded...

 So my friend asked me... "why do you blog, Susy?" And I got to thinking and asking myself, why do I blog...?

I blog because I like to ramble. I like to talk to people and this is my way that I can talk and others can respond -- comment -- to me and I get to expand my circle of friends. I also blog to get other people's perspective. I like to hear what else is there than my side of the world.

 So all in all I blog to get myself out there. So I can grow and expand and be better. I blog because I like it. I blog -- even if people don't respond or read this, because I want to find who I can be as a person and record it then look back in the future and think that this is where I started.

So... that's why I blog.

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