Friday, April 19, 2013

well, these shoes are making me blue...

ROCK AND REPUBLIC suede blue pumps (KOHL'S) / GUESS? royal blue platform heels (TJ MAXX)

  A pop of color! Who doesn't need it? I know I do and I love all the darker colors in the color spectrum, but sometimes I get kind of bored and to spice up my outfits, I wear my royal blue GUESS? pumps. I mean, who doesn't love to get complimented nonstop about their outfit and their shoes!

  I've worn my lovely blue heels for a while and while it was love at first sight, I must -- sadly -- say that I needed to buy a new pair just to be sure I have a back up. So off I was in Kohl's looking through racks and shoes and thinking I should buy some things while I obviously didn't need anything, wen I saw these beauties on sale.
more images in my Chictopia profile.

  Mind you, I am very much in love with my Guess? pair, but I saw these and took off my shoes and ta-da! Instant love. I bought them thinking they were on clearance when I actually saw the price I was astounded. I paid $30 for these babies and got a $10 coupon for spending more than $50 bucks. (I did say I was browsing for things I didn't need.)  I just love blue. Don't you?

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