Thursday, May 23, 2013

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  Layering, cinched waistlines and denim; that's what I've been wearing lately. I live in Oakland, right across the bridge from San Francisco and it's been chilly these past few days. The sun has been out to play but the wind is quite cold if you're not prepared with layers. Thankfully, I have lived here all my life and I know the weather and it's unpredictability.
 As I said, it hasn't been that cold but a little wind makes all the difference. So I've been wearing my trusty ELLE jean jacket with hoodies and sweaters underneath. My jacket is a staple piece for my wardrobe. I wear it with dresses and even full skirts. I just love that I can dress my jacket up or down.
 Another thing I've fallen in love with are full skirt dresses. Those fit and flare dresses do wonders to my figure. The best ones are the ones with a high neck line and diminish my bust. I have always liked those dresses but I didn't fall in love with them until a few months ago. I now own a bight cheery yellow one, an off white one and a couple of skirts too. The trend is going to stick for me, it's too god to come and leave next season.

 Denim has also been big for me this Spring. I have a couple of denim shirts and I am quite enjoying incorporating them in my wardrobe. As a matter of fact, my sister is too! From jean jackets to jeans shirts and vests and skirts, denim is great to work with. The versatility of dressing it up or dressing it down is fascinating. I don't think I've appreciated denim until now.

  Well, that's enough of my babbling. I have a little DIY I want to do, so I have to go.

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