Sunday, May 19, 2013

doodle, doodle, done...

  Just call me, Miss V the Artist (insert French accent). Well, I haven't been doing much lately, I've been too tired to do much of anything really and since the weather has been real nice this weekend, I stayed indoors. I work weekends and get up early so I get tired and the heat makes me irritable. But anyways...! I've had a few people that have ben interested in the items I put up for sale on Poshmark, but not interested enough to buy. It's okay, though because all in it's due time is best.

  As I've mentioned before, I make unique little thank you notes for those who purchase something from me; example here. This time my inspiration came from Polyvore. The first doodle has lyrics from "Yellow" by Coldplay.  The second one has my very ugly and uneven writing. But I quite like the outcome of both of these doodles. I just hope that the customer likes the product and the little note as well. Anyways, have a good night.

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