Monday, May 27, 2013

it's Monday...

1) thank you note to my customer 2) cheese and chocolate cake from the coffee shop I now love 3) Crown Beach, Alameda, CA. 4) New Poshmark items 

  Well, this weekend has been full of movies. I went to go watch Furious 6 (Fast and the Furious) and The Hangover 3. I love comedy and action movies so those were awesome! They were some awesome movies but my favorite was Fast and the Furious 6! I also went to this coffee shop I've been meaning to go to and I just love it! I think I'll go there again some other time. Also; I put new items up on my Poshmark, so be sure to check out my closet! Well, I have got to get ready to get to work, I hope everyone enjoys their Monday!

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