Sunday, May 12, 2013

"you got me, got me like this..."

 shirt; SO (KHOL'S) / dress; Ross / skirt; Old Navy / Olly
photo from instagram; @instantdork

 Well, isn't this different?  This Sunday is mothers day, so firstly, Happy Mothers Day! My mom is no longer living, but that doesn't mean I don't celebrate her amazingness. This year I am a bit more... solid in my emotions and I was able to keep it together and not cry and think very fondly of my mother.

  Enough with the heavy stuff! Today I was so annoyed for no reason and I decided to go to Pintrest and see my Inspiration board. I settled with this as my look after looking at a white dress and a vest over it. I got Olly and decided to take a few pictures. This one is from my instagram, but I quite like it. Anyways... I just have one more thing to say; Iron Man 3 was the shizz! I loved it. And you know what? I am going to see it again! Haha!!


PS: I have a more pictures on Chictopia ;D
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