Saturday, June 29, 2013

wearing it

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  I wore the shirt. When I first bought this shirt and I got a lot of feedback on it. I wore it to church this Friday and I liked how I styled it. I wore a salmon pink F21 Cardigan and my H&M basic khaki skirt along with my Sperry Loafers and my Ralph Lauren bag.
  I also bought a few more RL items on Poshmark and I won't say much until I actually receive them. I'll have a post just for that. Right now I'm going to start a chapter on Blue Moon. I have left it unattended for far too long. Don't know what I'm talking about? Click here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

gatta be a little carefree

  Here are just a few pictures I took today while I took my nephew to the beach. It's quite hot today and Baby A was just dying to go get wet. So I got our stuff and we left. It was quite fun, but I did get the soles of my feet quite scorched since the sand was too hot. That will teach me to remember and take sandals!

On another note, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am on Facebook. I've had one for a while, but maybe now I'll post more often. Here's the link: That Valencia Chick. That's all for now.


Summer, I've been waiting for you...

Old Navy, Forever 21, Forever 21, Unknown
  Dresses, an item I have been wearing for some time now. When I was little you would find me in jumpers, torn jeans, and leggings. Now that I'm older though, I love dresses. These four dresses will grace my page a lot since the summer is now here and I'm feeling rather summer-ish with this heat. The fit and flare trend is perfect for me and I just can't wait to go to the beach or stroll around town with thee beauties. Well, I'm off to the beach with BabyA!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"The greatest wealth is to live content with little."

  A little late, but here they are. These are the pictures I took for the Father's Day Event we had at my church. As I've said before; I have not taken any classes and what little I know is just instinct. So my pictures aren't that great, but they are taken with love and excitement and that's what matters for me.

   But as I said in the post from before; I am very humbled that people have taken a liking to my pictures. I hope that this will only help me get better and try harder. So again, many thank yous to those who've read my blog and commented. I am very appreciative.


PS: The title is one of the many things Plato once said. I take no credit whatsoever.

"you'll never shine if you don't glow...!"

George Stanley stationary
  I'm quite content and humbled. My pictures have been a big hit with my church and on my blog too! The post I wrote about a week ago has been getting a lot of attention. I'm just glad people like the pictures. I haven't posted any of the Father's Day, but I'll do that tomorrow since it's my day off.  Well, I'm off to bed. I hope everyone has a marvelous night (day, wherever in the world you are).
PS: the title is part of the lyrics for; "hey now, you're a rockstar" by Smash Mouth. I take no credit.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

"For a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories."

  Trash was given a new meaning a few months ago when I walked by a auto body shop a day after the Chinese New Year and found these beautiful flower branches outside. As you can see, there are empty red envelopes scattered on the ground and even some decorations on the branches. The picture is rustic and bright and I love it! It also reflects my mood at the moment. I think God has answered my prayers and gotten me a place to stay at! I might not have shared my news or wishes to move out of my dad's house, but I so very fervently want to. And I think I might be able to while not selling my soul or giving in to hunger. I will know how this will go by this time next month. I just hope I can do all this and still be able to feel this free.   Well, have a good night!


PS: title credit goes to Plato.

"and that's all folks...!"

1) Bugs Bunny dissing my cousin after she rejected his hug (it was quite funny) / 2) the swings we got on / my friends and family mooning me 

  I would show you more pictures, but aside from the ones on my instagram, I didn't take any. I had so much fun on Tuesday; it was so fun! My two friends (the two guys on the left) and my sister (the one with the skirt) and my cousin (the only one left). The first ride we went on was a water ride and it was hilarious because my friend tried to get me wet by telling me to stand by a splash, but at the end, he got wet and slipped and fell on his back. We ate Panda Express and funnel cakes. It was awesome and I loved Medusa. I think I'm going to have to buy the season pass! I hope to go again and take a few more pictures but I doubt it. The place is too fun to walk around and not get in the rides!.


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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fresh Faced

  What a beauty! Since Father's Day was celebrated by the docks and the day was so beautiful, I decided to snap a few pictures of this lovely girl. She goes to church with me and is the daughter of some of my friends.  The colors her and her cousin wore complimented the bight day and it makes the pictures more fresh and fun. This girl is a natural though. Not a care in the world if she was acting silly or if the pictures turned out great. That's what I call innocence.
  Hopefully I can showcase her more since I see her once a week. Cross your fingers you see this beauty gracing my blog!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

some more from before...

  I'm sick! Okay, so I knew that, but I got worse. Going to Six Flags didn't help either. But YOLO. Anyways, here are two more pictured from my adventures in San Francisco. I'll put up a post of some pictures I took at Six Flags tomorrow, but in the mean time, I have to go to sleep. Night!


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"you can run after satisfaction, but satisfaction comes from within"

  What a pretty shirt, right? Well, I just got this at H&M yesterday. I just walked in and saw this and knew it had to be in my closet! The color and the structure is perfect for me and I love the print as well. I might go back to see some other shirts they have. The best part was that it was on sale! Yay. Anyways, I'm going to drink my tea and eat something before my friend comes and picks me up. We're going to Six Flags!


PS: the title was from the little tab on my Yogi tea, I take no credit whatsoever.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

just a few shots...

These are just a few (and what a sad amount they are) of pictures I took today. I went to an interview and decided to walk around downtown. What set out as just a walk to snap a few pictures turned out to be quite the scenic day! I started at the Montgomery Bart Station and then I went up and down the financial district. While walking I saw the Coit Tower and said, 'What the heck, why not!?' So that's what I did. I went up those stairs, then down, then to the piers, then beyond that to Fort Mason and I ended a few miles from the Golden Gate Bridge. That's where I stopped and decided to come back the next week and take a few more pictures.
  Now I'm tired and my feet hurt. Tomorrow I'm going to go to Six Flags with my friends, let's hope I can keep up with them!

Monday, June 17, 2013

let's not call this a haul... just an indugence

Ralph Lauren tan tote / Micheal Kors tote / Denim Sleeveless shirt / Old Navy Flower Print shirt / Old Navy Tropical Print dress / Old Navy White Eyelet dress

  I did it again. I indulged in impulse buys and I'm not sorry. YOLO. No but really, I was out of the house for almost an hour and I bought al of this. I spent a good amount considering the two bags I bought. But I am so happy with my purchases that the amount I wasted isn't even bothering me.

  Tomorrow I have an interview and that is the reason I bought these bags. In reality I was going to buy just one bag, but then I saw the other and I couldn't let it just sit there. So now I am the owner of these babies! If you read my post from a few days ago, then you would know I have been in love with the  Ralph Lauren brand again. It's all so fresh-er than it was for a while. Well, that's the way I feel. I cant wait to find out if I'll get the job or not. Wish me luck!


got my Printic prints!

  I received my Printic photos! I just love them. I only chose four of them since it was my first time with the app, but I must say that I love the outcome. All of these pictures are from my instagram. The picture of my sister and I is kind of blurry but it's okay. I'll have to print out a 4x6 of that one to be happy with it. But over all, I really like the app and I recommended it to some of my friends. The delivery was fast and free, so if you want a cheap and fast way for polaroid without dropping big bucks, then I recommend this app.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

That #Blue Chick (happy father's day!)

  I went blue this Father's Day. First of all, Happy Father's day! With that out of the way... I'll tell you how I spent my day.

  I spent the day with a sore throat, in a blue dress and with Olly attached to my hand. Fathers day is spent in the park at my church and it was such a nice day too. The sun was out, the wind was blowing and I borrowed my sister's blue Old Navy dress while she's away with my uncle and aunt.

  To make the outfit speak with a lilt, I added my cheetah print belt from Express. I had bought it a while ago at the Crossroads and Chictopia event. I wore my trusty blue suede Guess? pumps and I felt like (while sick) I was the hottest thing around.

  Now I have to go through all of the pictures I took and  edit some and burn the rest for the church's board members. I will also post a few pictures later so that everyone can see how nice the day and the park was. Oh, and if you see your left side, that's San Francisco and the Bay Bridge right there. For any Bay Area Natives, you need to go to this park and watch the sunset here. It's magnificent.


what I wore: Old Navy dress / Express belt / Guess? heels

Friday, June 14, 2013

something small can make a big difference...

Well, don't I look cute? >.<  With the days being as sunny as they are, I have to dress accordingly or I will feel like I'm melting.

 So yesterday I wore my maxi skirt and my sister's stripped shirt (It has buttons on the back) and went out for some thrifting. I found some stuff, but I'll have to showcase it some other day since I'm looking for jobs at the moment.

Just one more thing, spay positive. Maybe it's the thought of not being good enough for a job, or not being good enough for school. Stay motivated and find your strength. It may be hard, but it's worth it!


striped shirt / maxi skirt / GAP flats

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this summer is going to be different...!

  Sometimes just a little doodle makes you feel loads better.  I just added a dash of red watercolor and a few letters and I felt right as rain. I just bought three sets of American Crafts markers. I bought the glitter marker, the metallic marker and the precision pen. They're really nice and I'm really glad I bought them. Not to mention they're a steal!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

for the next six months...


This summer, I feel is going to be different. In many ways. So I decided to make a wish-list and see if I can complete or get any of these things. My deadline is going to be the end of this year; (so wish me luck!) Now onto the wishing and explaining.
O: I put this as my zero because I would like to move out of my dad's house and rent a room somewhere. I know that I would find it hard, but that's the way life goes. I just can't wait until I get a call back with an approval or rejection.

1: Ralph Lauren bags, wallets, clothes... EVERYTHING! I am very much in love with the brand right now. For a while I wasn't too excited about RL but now, well, I don't know what changed, maybe my awareness has increased and I am very late into the game, but I just love the brand and I have my eye on some products right now that I would love to have.
2: Booties. There are something that are very essential and practical for the wardrobe and I don't have a pair. While I would love to have a pair, I am hesitating because I haven't found the right pair. There are two I have seen but I need to go look at some Clarks that have been spotted. A perfect pair of shoes makes a big difference.
3: A wallet. While many people don't use one, I need to start. It would be so much easier to keep my money in order.
4: A California iPhone case. While I have seen a few, they're all blingged out and just too tacky for my taste. So I will hold off on buying a case until I have found one that tickles my fancy.
5: White Converse. While I do own a pair of lowtops (both black and white) I can't help but think that I should have another pair. Just to be sure.
6: Clutches. Another thing that I didn't pay much attention to but am now salivating over.
7: A tea set. I'd love a cute tea set. And a couple of coffee mugs. *sigh*
8: A Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag. It would be ideal.
9: Traveling. I don't really care if it's out of the country (al though I wouldn't mind!) or to a state near by, but I would love to travel.
10: And my last wish would be Chase Crawford. *grins sheepishly* well, him or another amazing guy would do. But he's optional. I just need number 0 to be real and I'll be cool.
Well, that's all for now folks!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

my new studded case...

  I had been wanting a studded case for the longest and I finally have one! It took forever for me to find a nice one at a good price, but now that I have it, I can't seem to find fault in it. Well, I feel like a hipster now. Have a nice day!

-- Susy

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

out of the Zoo, into the Jungle

  Well, yesterday was a great day. My friend walked the stage and I saw him do it. I am very proud and excited to see what he will become in life. To all those who have graduated, many congratulations to you as well. Have a beautiful and bright future.

-- Susy

Monday, June 10, 2013

Congratulations Class of 2013

  Congrats Class of 2013! I have the honor of attending Emery High's graduation. One of my friends is walking the stage and I am so proud to be an attendee and be part of this moment. Well, I have an hour to get ready and my hair is still wet and I haven't gotten ready and I have no clue as to what I'm wearing... Story of my life! Well, see ya guys.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

baby Julie

  Isn't she just beautiful? After not being able to take pictures for a while because of work and the likes, I have finally taken some. I present t you, Baby Julie!
  Baby Julie is such a princess and is usually is smiling and happy but she was quite sick. She was still a trooper and let me follow her around and take pictures. I don't get to see her that often, but I hope that I get to take more pictures of this upcoming Miss Universe! Now I'm going to go to sleep and get my stuff together since I'm going to my friend's graduation tomorrow! Ta-ta.
♥ Susy

Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm growing up one day at a time...

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  I finally dressed up. Yes, I've worn this dress before, but what can I say? I just love it. For more pictures, go here:

♥ Susy

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my new Ray-Bans!

  Sorry for the blurry pictures (and the weird faces)! The front camera on the iPhones aren't that great, but I just wanted to show off my new Ray-Bans! I just got them today and I'm quite taken with them.

 On another note, I've been busy these past few days and I've left everything for work. I haven't taken any pictures, I barely even doodle now and my story, Blue Moon, is still under construction. Hopefully I am able to write up a few more chapters and post them up. I really do want to finish my story. But with everything going on, it's kind of not a priority. Life has taken quite a toll with me this past week, but it's okay! Life goes on and so do I. Well, I'm just babbling, I'm ganna see the covenant right now. Ciao.

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