Saturday, June 22, 2013

"and that's all folks...!"

1) Bugs Bunny dissing my cousin after she rejected his hug (it was quite funny) / 2) the swings we got on / my friends and family mooning me 

  I would show you more pictures, but aside from the ones on my instagram, I didn't take any. I had so much fun on Tuesday; it was so fun! My two friends (the two guys on the left) and my sister (the one with the skirt) and my cousin (the only one left). The first ride we went on was a water ride and it was hilarious because my friend tried to get me wet by telling me to stand by a splash, but at the end, he got wet and slipped and fell on his back. We ate Panda Express and funnel cakes. It was awesome and I loved Medusa. I think I'm going to have to buy the season pass! I hope to go again and take a few more pictures but I doubt it. The place is too fun to walk around and not get in the rides!.


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