Monday, June 17, 2013

let's not call this a haul... just an indugence

Ralph Lauren tan tote / Micheal Kors tote / Denim Sleeveless shirt / Old Navy Flower Print shirt / Old Navy Tropical Print dress / Old Navy White Eyelet dress

  I did it again. I indulged in impulse buys and I'm not sorry. YOLO. No but really, I was out of the house for almost an hour and I bought al of this. I spent a good amount considering the two bags I bought. But I am so happy with my purchases that the amount I wasted isn't even bothering me.

  Tomorrow I have an interview and that is the reason I bought these bags. In reality I was going to buy just one bag, but then I saw the other and I couldn't let it just sit there. So now I am the owner of these babies! If you read my post from a few days ago, then you would know I have been in love with the  Ralph Lauren brand again. It's all so fresh-er than it was for a while. Well, that's the way I feel. I cant wait to find out if I'll get the job or not. Wish me luck!

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