Tuesday, June 4, 2013

my new Ray-Bans!

  Sorry for the blurry pictures (and the weird faces)! The front camera on the iPhones aren't that great, but I just wanted to show off my new Ray-Bans! I just got them today and I'm quite taken with them.

 On another note, I've been busy these past few days and I've left everything for work. I haven't taken any pictures, I barely even doodle now and my story, Blue Moon, is still under construction. Hopefully I am able to write up a few more chapters and post them up. I really do want to finish my story. But with everything going on, it's kind of not a priority. Life has taken quite a toll with me this past week, but it's okay! Life goes on and so do I. Well, I'm just babbling, I'm ganna see the covenant right now. Ciao.

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