Sunday, June 16, 2013

That #Blue Chick (happy father's day!)

  I went blue this Father's Day. First of all, Happy Father's day! With that out of the way... I'll tell you how I spent my day.

  I spent the day with a sore throat, in a blue dress and with Olly attached to my hand. Fathers day is spent in the park at my church and it was such a nice day too. The sun was out, the wind was blowing and I borrowed my sister's blue Old Navy dress while she's away with my uncle and aunt.

  To make the outfit speak with a lilt, I added my cheetah print belt from Express. I had bought it a while ago at the Crossroads and Chictopia event. I wore my trusty blue suede Guess? pumps and I felt like (while sick) I was the hottest thing around.

  Now I have to go through all of the pictures I took and  edit some and burn the rest for the church's board members. I will also post a few pictures later so that everyone can see how nice the day and the park was. Oh, and if you see your left side, that's San Francisco and the Bay Bridge right there. For any Bay Area Natives, you need to go to this park and watch the sunset here. It's magnificent.


what I wore: Old Navy dress / Express belt / Guess? heels
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