Saturday, July 20, 2013

black summer

  Black is the new black. Well, it's not, but black has always been one of my favorite colors. It's so classy and it makes everything pop.

I was feeling like I needed a little pick me up this Friday and so I brought out my lovely blue shoes, curled my hair and decided upon my LBD.

I bought this dress a while ago, but it's still such a great piece to have. I love the lace and the detail on the shoulders. To keep it simple I paired it with my Rock&Republic Royal Blue heels and my Coach wristlet. My hair was in a low ponytail to give off a cool and nonchalant vibe.

 I felt cool and not to mention oh, so feminine. I was complimented and I felt so confident in my heels that it didn't matter that I'd only wore them once before and that they were slowly killing my poor overworked feet.

Anyways, that's all I have for today. Have a beautiful day (or evening)!


dress; ROSS / wristlet; COACH / heels; ROCK&REPUBLIC
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