Thursday, July 18, 2013

from Six Flags to Great America

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  Well, these past two days were great. Hanging out with friends and laughing and feeling like you're going to fall to your death is the way to spend the summer. On Tuesday I went out to Six Flags to celebrate my friend's birthday. (That's where I took the first picture of BabyA and my sister) Yesterday I went to Great American and rode all the rides, some more than once. They were that awesome! My sister and I came home tired and full. Both times. The bad thing of it all was that I am so tired today that I spent the day sleeping and feeling like my stomach was going to give out at any moment. 
Still, I wouldn't have traded my two days of fun for anything. Friends + laughter = an amazing time. 
PS: has anyone gone out to the theme parks this summer?

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