Saturday, July 13, 2013

That #RaphLaurenLoving Chick

I should have a "Free Hugs" sign, right?!  >.<
  Well, I have an outfit post after quite some time. That means my sister is back in town! (Well, she's been back for a week, but I haven't been out of my uniform much)
  If you've been reading lately, you will find out that I made a wish list on Polyvore. From 0 to 10 and there are a few items that aren't quite achievable but some, like Number 1 is; hence the title of this post.

  I am in love with Ralph Lauren once again and I went on and bough cardigans, a pullover and a blazer. (You can see them here.)

  I want to wear the blazer so bad, but I still have to see what bottoms to pair it with. Some inspiration is necessary for that! But over all, this outfit is very comfortable. The cardigan hugs my wrists perfectly, the shirt gives me a pop but not too much. The skirt is easy to move in and the shoes are just classic. The emblem on the cardigan is also a huge factor in why I love it, but I'll get to that some other time. Right now, I have to sleep. So goodnight and have a great Sunday!


cardigan; RALPH LAUREN / shirt; H&M / skirt; F21 / shoes; CONVERSE
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