Thursday, September 5, 2013

in my closet : jean, flowers and studs

Jean, flowers and studs. This is what my outfit consisted of today; alongside my camera Olly and my Ralph Lauren bag.

I had class today and I had no clue as to what to wear, so decided to wear my new Old Navy jean vest, pair it up with my Old Navy dark charcoal basic skirt and my floral Forever 21 button up.

I usually don't wear high waited anythings because I think that my chest looks very prominent. But for some reason, I think that the shirt, while not meant for being tied at the waist, looks pretty cute that way.

  And, well, that's all for today folks! Tomorrow is my birthday and I need to get my beauty sleep, trust me, I really need it.

Have a beautiful day!


vest; OLD NAVY /
shirt; F21 / skirt; OLD NAVY /
shoes; WANTED.

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