Wednesday, September 25, 2013

nine months ago






 On January the 14th of this year, I decided to pursue my dreams and go on adventures. It's past the nine month mark and I am happy to say that my dreams haven't been realized and they haven't came alive, but I am on my way to making them. I am taking a photography class and I am getting involved in life, not just letting it lead me. My pictures are my passion and I hope that everyone follows their dreams. My dream is to become a photographer. Teaching was my main goal, but now, as this year has sped by, I've realized that while I still love education, I love children more and to help them and care for them is my future.
  So for now, I will keep on with my photography course, keep doing things I don't normally do and show the world that amiss all the bad, there is still some good. Have a very blessed night guys.

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