Sunday, October 20, 2013

a little insight

  Growing up is simply unavoidable. I remember when I was a silly (sillier than I am now) little girl and I wanted to grow up.. I thought that if I were a grown up, I'd have what I needed. I'd have no need. I'd have those clothes I so wanted, those cute heels, those handsome men after me... I was very naive and quite vain not to mention I was very blind and deaf to the words my mother always told me.

  I won't really get into that but I guess these hard work-filled days have really made me really realize that I don't want to be here, in customer service for all of eternity. I want to work in a big retail store, a small family owned shop, a bookstore... I want to have different experiences, live in a small apartment by myself, sell some of my photography online, reach 1k followers on instagram, get more involved with my readers.

  I guess I want a lot, but isn't that the point? To dream and make that dream a reality? So I won't discourage anyone, just be mindful of what you do; use your time wisely because you never know, you might just get your break. Dream big and go out and try and achieve it. One day at a time.

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