Tuesday, October 8, 2013

App Review: Posmark

  Another iPhone App Review; And this time, it's for Poshmark! Many of my friends look at me weird when I say Poshmark. But the thing is that I just love that app and I say it all the time. 

  Poshmark.com  is a great place to sell clothes you don't want or that you don't need anymore. Granted, you don't sell clothes that are down right old and moldy, but this place is amazing when you get the hang of it. 

The pros: 
- you don't have to worry about a shipping label or fee, poshmark gets a percentage off of your earnings for that
- you can share as many times as you want
- there are "parties" where there are many more people who don't follow you and get to see your listing (which gives you a whole lot more exposure and a higher chance for your item to sell)
- you can negotiate a price if you really want it and if the seller agrees.
- it's a cheaper way to stay fashionable 
- once you sell and receive your money, you can use it straight to another purchase and not feel guilty for shopping.

The cons:
- the first sale might not be right away
- buyers are going to try and get the lowest price available
- there will be scammers
- this app is only for iPhones
- this app is only available in the USA
- you have to get your own boxes and printing supplies (for the labels)

  Overall, I like this app. It makes it a fun and easy experience to sell my items and get some in return without really spending a dime. 

Well, I hope you liked this review and give Poshmark a chance if you have an iPhone. have a great day everyone!


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