Friday, October 4, 2013

App Review: Over

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do this quick review on the app Over. I use this app so much it's kind of ridiculous. Currently I'm using it in my October Photo Challenge pictures. There are free fonts and free art you can put in your pictures as well. I've bought the rest of the fonts and downloaded the free art packages they feature (which you can just tap on and they will download automatically).

 What I like about it is that it's easy to use; you can make the text small by hand or by tapping the + or - sign, it gives you pretty good free fonts, it gives you options on where you want to share it to or if you want to save it on your photo stream. All in all, this app is worth the $1.99. I really recommend this app. I use it to make Happy Birthday pictures for my friends and I can add a bit of tint so that the letters can pop out a bit. And if you want the opposite, the letters to be a bit transparent, then you can do that too. Change the color, add more space to the letters (like I did above in 'PHOTOGRAPHY') or put space in between the lines. Do what you will, but this app is awesome! Hope that you've found this review helpful.

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