Thursday, October 10, 2013

some more items on Poshmark

  Hi everyone! I hope every one is having a good day. And if they aren't well, I hope that it gets better. I just wanted to do another Shameless Self-Promo post for my Poshmark items I'm selling. I have some stuff that's practically new and I just need it to go to another person who will love it as much as I did. 

  As I've said before and as I've posted on my Poshmark Closet, I do great discounts but I don't take Paypal and I don't trade my items. I find that this way, the transactions are made efficiently and with no muck-ups and the likes. So come on over and see what I have. The good thing about my Closet is that I have varying sizes. My sister has grown out of some of her clothes and she just gives it to me so someone else can buy it. The sizes run from (some) Small to XLarge. 

So go on over, check out my stuff. Leave me a comment if you already have a profile and I would be gladly to share your items so that they have a higher viewing rate!


p.s: here's the link Susy's Poshmark Closet

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