Thursday, October 17, 2013

with a hint of color

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of my button downs and my ankle boots. I guess I feel more relaxed and confident in them.

  This outfit post is a little late (I wore this on Sunday), but I just love the look of it that I decided to post it up anyways.

The thing I love about button downs, jean button downs at that, is that you can either tuck them in or not and they still give you an cool and collected effect.

The skirt I bought at H&M  while back but couldn't find an instance to wear it in. So for Pastor's day this is what I wore. The sequins in the skirt make up the dressy part and the thread bare jean button down gives it the cool and collected vibe. My ankle boots makes it seem like I tried, but not that hard as wearing high heels would imply.

You gatta look cute but still be comfortable, right? Have a good one everyone!


top; HERITAGE21 /
sequin skirt; H&M  / 
ankle boots; APRI / wristlet; COACH
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