Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"young, but I'm not that bold"

 It's sweater weather! Well, it's almost always sweater weather here in the Bay Area, so I have a whole bunch of pull overs and the likes, but I just thought that since I'm kinda sharing more clothes with my sister every day, that buying a few more sweaters would be prudent. And luckily I found this set of three American Eagle Outfitters for only $18 (plus shipping, of course). I didn't have to pay a dime out of my pocket since I had sold some items on Poshmark and I used my credit towards this purchase.

  I just love how you can layer these sweaters. Layer is something I do very often no matter the weather but fall is just one of my favorite seasons. It's when it's windy, the days are still bright but the leaves are changing colors and the lazy days are spent drinking warm drinks and hanging with family. I didn't get to do much of that last year, but hopefully, I get to do more of that this year.


p.s: the title is part of One Republic's song: Counting Stars
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