Wednesday, December 11, 2013

this is how I show my love

CK one gift set; $21 / H&M suede boots; $69.99 / J. CREW glitter clutch; $49.99 / H&M bag; $39.99

I am so in love with my boots! If you follow me on instagram then you know I've been wearing these babies all over the place. They make me feel oh, so cool and confident. And that's always a good thing! Anyways, I wan't feeling very inspired, but when I found this J.Crew glitter clutch, well, I was smitten. It made me thing of New Years and going out with friends to San Francisco... It's a very nice and festive clutch. I don't do glitter, but I just couldn't resist it this time. Every girl need a statement clutch, right? Well, this one is mine! >.<

  Well, I hope to be getting in the "festive" mood everyone seems to be in, maybe a trip to San Francisco will give me that little boost? We'll see. Have a great week everyone!

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