Friday, January 10, 2014

a little bit out there

  image via polyvore

  Hello there everyone! I hope everyone is doing splendid this fine evening. I'm just here, ya know, surfing the net. Nothing new. Got a few things on my mind though, maybe I should just put it out there.

So here it goes:

New York, photography, school, work, life, fun, Summer, graduation, life, experience, stress, careers, leisure, growth, blog giveaways, friends, future, love, family, responsibilities...

  I guess this year brought so may possibilities and I have to sort through everything and learn to let go and embrace the new. Hopefully I get to go to NYC this year. By next year I hope to have my AA in Photography and graduate. By the end of this month I'll know if life in retail has more in stock for me and I will also see if it's worth doing a blog birthday giveaway this month. So, to say that this year has started with a big bang is an understatement. Everything will work out, though. it has to. Have a good night everybody!

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