Sunday, January 26, 2014

make me believe, oh, baby, please

photo via my instagram

  It's almost Monday -- Hooray! Most people aren't pleased for the week to start, but if you read my last post today (weekend worker; it's self explanatory, yes?), you would know that I work every weekend, no matter the weekend. 

Today was a bit different. I woke up at my usual Sunday schedule and I felt energized (maybe I should start going to bed earlier?  ...Nah!). By the time I left work, I was feeling great, so my other co-workers and I decided to hit the city and enjoy the day together. And enjoy it we did. And that's why I feel great. I feel at peace with the people I work with, my plans to fly to New York are coming along, and by the end of this month or the beginning of the next I will be buying the tickets! Life is good, I can complain, but I won't. I want to end this day with a smile and my Starbucks at my side. Have a good night!

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