Friday, January 31, 2014

winds of change

  Change is inevitable and sometimes scary, but most of the time, it's needed.  That's why I'm leaving my job of almost a two years to work at The Rack for a seasonal and part time position. I know it's crazy to leave on a whim and it may be rude to leave without a two weeks notice, but I needed the change. I'm happy that I got the job, and happy doesn't even begin to describe the feeling I had when I got the call telling me that I got the position. It doesn't matter it's unstable because it's a seasonal because I can get another job later. I'm living, I'm actually living the life and the experiences I want! It's exhilarating and so scary. But I'm so very glad and thankful to God that I got the position. I'm going to take one day at a time and live my life as I want. So I bid you all good night and wish you a beautiful day full of amazing experiences and people who love you and encourage you. That itself will get you far.

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