Saturday, February 1, 2014

goals of 2014

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    Okay, so I'll start by saying this: I will do my best not to get stuck this year. But I make no promises. Here are a few of my goals for this year. I'm not making resolutions, I never really made any, so I don't want to start now. Anyways, on to my goals for my life in general.

  1. Travel. I want to travel. I know everyone says this, and it's a common thing, but I actually want to do this. At the moment, I'm looking into buying tickets to go to New York City. I want to go in the summer with my sister and I will be going. I want to go to Disneyland again, take a guided tour through London and Paris (I've seen some great packages on Groupon and I'm hoping that's in store for next year!) I want to do all sorts of things now since I have little responsibilities. Gatta enjoy life to the fullest, don't I?
  2. Grow. I really like what that graphic says; "Grow where you are planted". I want to know where I live. Walk around, take different pictures, explore California and what it has to give. Be grateful for what I've got and enjoy it. (That brings the saying "have your cake and eat it too"). I want to grow into a proud Californian.
  3. Go out. And I don't mean shopping (although, let's face it, I will shop). I mean do fun things. Go bowling more often with friends, take a picnic with family or friends, one thing that I really want to do is go to a "movie at the park" kinda date. For me, that would be amazing. 
  4. Be confident. Not just that, but be confident everywhere. Know my strengths and my weaknesses.
  5. Document life. Have camera ready at almost every corner. Not only that, but also know when to jump in and not let life slip me by.
  6. More me time. This doesn't mean being by myself per say. It just means more time to process what I'm doing and plan out things more but have a time period where I can do what I want. 
  7. Gardening. If I can't have a small garden, maybe a potted plant or have more live flowers in the house. 
  8. Organize. I have to organize my schedule, closet, time, hobbies and the likes. Keep a one track mind. Sometimes that can work wonders. 
  9. Fall in love. Not with a person (although, that wouldn't be so bad, would it?) but with things and hobbies. 
  10. Be Optimistic.  Be a lighter soul, think positive, do things I love more, not limit myself, not be scared to be me.

ps: do you have any personal lists this year?
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