Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello San Francisco, Meet Comfort

jacket; H&M / t-shirt; HOLLISTER / skirt; F21 / boots; APRI / bag; RALPH LAUREN

  I went to San Francisco today with my sister so they could hem her prom dress at Nordstrom and I just couldn't resist taking a picture... or two.  The lighting was perfect, the mirrors were beautiful and I felt oh, so cute. One of my goals this year was to look good at least once or twice a week. Do my hair (not my usual ponytail or bun, either) and dress in a comfortable or just "cuter" way. Since leaving my other job at Rite Aid I've felt very happy. Granted, it's only been about half a week or so, but I've felt freer than I had in a very long time. Weird, huh? Anyways, I felt comfortable, cute and I actually did my hair, so today was a win-win for me. I hope everyone had a good day!


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