Wednesday, February 26, 2014

question of the day: to buy, or not to buy

picture via polyvore

  To buy or not to buy, that is the question.  No, seriosuly, that's the question. And if the answer is yes, then I'm thinking, "what do I buy?" Because I'm trying not to splurge here! Heck, I'm even taking my own lunch and the likes to work so that I don't spend $10 a day. But, seriously, there's a few items I'm really considering to buy.

  that would be: a coat, ankle boots (yes, another pair), walking shoes, some Hudson jeans (or something similar maybe some Paige jeans?), and this one skirt I saw at The Rack... and some shirts. I need shirts.

  So... do I buy some items such as a watch, ankle boots, a day dress, sneakers, and a coat? Did I mention I get a discount on this purchase? Because I do! lol, I'll just ponder it some more. I have until this Friday, so let's home I have some items to show everyone.


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