Monday, April 28, 2014

short hair, short hair, I want short hair

 Ever since 2010 I've cut my hair short on and off. The first year I did it in memory of my mother. The day she passed was the day I had a haircut, a year later I got a haircut as well. But instead of just getting a trim, I cut it into a pixie cut. I've cut it short a time or two after that and I let it grow again until the next urge to cut it hits me. Lately I've been having that urge. I'm not sure if I want to cut it short, into a long bob or just get a trim and some long layers. I'm still ganna think about it, but I love these cuts here. Summer is around the corner, so I better make a quick decision. To chop it off or not chop it off, that is the question.

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