Sunday, May 25, 2014

lately : in the sheets

LAUREN by RALPH LAUREN pink sheets; $50 @ TJ MAXX / pillow cases; 99 cents a piece @ THRIFT TOWN 

lately : after cleaning on my days off I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to do more DIY in my room. 

  With that in mind I bought a plain white sheet and some pillowcases at the secondhand store and saved a whole lot of money! My pink sheets are Lauren by Ralph Lauren but I wanted to have something else as well. I started pinning and I found this awesome picture of confetti sheets. I lost the link but I loved it! I just have to buy some pain and get to working. Another think I have to buy is a long mirror. It gets real hard just having a mirror and not being able to see how you look as a whole. Other than that I think I've established my color scheme. So far, everything is going great and in about two and a half weeks time, I'll be off to New York with my sister! Have a great day everyone!

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