Wednesday, June 18, 2014

up in the air to NYC

  I'm in New York. It feels so surreal. I walked by Penn Station, I went to Times Square, I took the Subway... I'm still kind of in shock and kinda tired. The weather is humid and the sun is shining it's love on the city. It's been a hot couple of days and while I'm tired and 3 hours behind in California time. Today my sister and I didn't do much but move around the city, get kinda lost (again; we got kinda lost yesterday as well, don't judge me). We took a nap since the sun tired us out and we compromised to stay in and enjoy the AC in the loft and watch movies on my laptop. I must say I kind of miss my beautiful California. Everyone speaks with a Puerto Rican accent and since I'm Mexican, it's so strange for me. What isn't strange is the pizza. I had some yesterday and I will admit that I want another slice.  Well, I better get to calling my family and letting them know I'm still alive and well.

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