Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Cus I'm 24!

dress; +Poshmark / ankle boots; +T.J.Maxx 

  My dress is a delicate tea cup. Or so it seems. This dress was bought on +Poshmark, the same website I always rant and rave about and where I'm always selling. It had people telling me I looked beautiful and who doesn't like to be told that; on their birthday no less?! I was feeling like I was walking on cloud nine. My birthday was celebrated simply. With my siblings, my nephews, my sister-in-laws and dad. Food, sweets and great shopping is always a good day in my book. I'll post a few more pictures of my #FittingroomAdventures. Until then, go check out my Poshmark closet; Username: valenciasusy. Ta-ta for now!

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