Wednesday, September 10, 2014


from top to bottom: shirt and skirt; +Forever 21 / dress (top); +H&M  / dress (bottom); +Poshmark / ankle boots; +T.J.Maxx 

I'm usually not a selfie kinda gal, but... it was my birthday, you see...  I took myself shopping for my birthday, and I went too selfies while I was at it. Don't look at me that way, you know you take multiple pictures in there just to see how the outfit will look in a different perspective. Anyways, the outcome of these fitting room selfies was good. I bought everything in these pictures, beside the last one since that was the outfit I was wearing. I was also scoping items that can be my giveaway. I'll get more into that later this week, for now, have a good day!


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