Thursday, February 19, 2015

muggin' on a thursaday

  I am a coffee addict. I'm guilty of spending way too much on Starbucks in the holidays, I am a gold card member, and proud of it! But coffee is a must in the morning, sometimes it's just what I need to start the day, sometimes it's just that something warm I need in between my hands. But either you drink coffee or tea or you simply like nice mugs, here's a few of my favorites and under $15.

from top left to bottom left clockwise :
1) #meanMuggin $10 from LoveAliceLouise  /  2) Brown Floral $10.95 from Starbucks  /  3) Bossy Ceramic Mug $15.97 from MissPoppyDesign  /  4) Allergic to mornings $14.90 from Forever 21  /  5) but first coffee thermal $14 from  / 6) limited edition golden monogramed mug $7.95 from Anthropologie


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