Thursday, March 24, 2016


  So I signed up for the influenster program and I got picked to do a review for this product. Honestly, I was kind of skeptic, but I had a chance to actually use it on a hot day when I (attempted to) hike. The smell isn't too strong for me, and I really do like the simplistic and minimalistic face of the spray. I loved the spray, but one thing that I learned is that it's best worn for light days when you aren't going to sweat a lot. Although I did smell good regardless, the smell stays for much longer than my usual deodorant.
All in all, I give this a thumbs up. I'll use this for on the go and light days where I'm not doing any heavy lifting or hiking.


Monday, March 21, 2016

#ootd : feeling summer-ish

knit cardigan; LOFT / top, skirt and tote; Forever21 / shoes; Converse / sunglasses; Rayban

  Well, these month seem to just slip on by! I feel like it was just the first week of March, but it's already Spring! The weather has been very agreeable, It rains, it pours and then the sun comes out. I like it. So, to go with this crazy weather, I wore my basic F21 skirt and my LOFT colorful cardigan to take the slight chill away. It worked. And I must say the cardigan is super soft, but not really my style, so it's in my Poshmark closet. Don't have a Poshmark? Get my referral code here: HLSXL


Saturday, March 12, 2016

in my closet : Vince

  Get these amazing Vince sneakers over at my Poshmark closet. Use code HLSXL to get $10 credit.


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

meeting new people

  Life has been a bundle of unexpected moves. But I'm dealing with them. One thing I've just come to realize, is that while I'm friendly and a bundle of joy, I tend to keep to myself. So I decided to hang out with more people who like to do what I do. Get out and explore more. Here are a few tips so that it doesn't seem too daunting.

1.  Get Comfortable. You don't have to talk to them face to face if you don't want to. Go on social media, click on a geotag near you ( or a hashtag, mine would be #Oakland or #EploreOak ) and comment on person you think you might have similar interest as you.

2.  Set a date.  After you've talked for a few weeks, days, how much ever you feel comfortable, meet in a social place. I usually meet for coffee first them we get to doing whatever we want. Usually it involves #OOTD pics, landscape photos or portraits.

3.  Let the magic happen.  Even if you haven't met someone in person, you might feel a connection to them. That's the beauty of social media. I've meet two great people on social media and that number will soon go to three. Be you, you've already had endless conversations about that certain photographer you admire or that place you just dream of visiting.

  It's a simple 1-2-3 step. If the conversation flows, then you now have a new friend who lkes to do things you do. I hope my awkwardly given advice helps.


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