Saturday, November 26, 2016

#instantdorkoriginal : raider shoot pt 2

  A little more than year ago, my sister asked me for a small intimate photo shoot with her Raider jersey. We had it, it was a success and this year, once she bought some items to add to her Oakland Raider collection she asked for a part 2. I gladly accepted. I wanted to try my lights on an actual person instead of my clothes mannequin for my little online shop. This is part of the outcome.

  My sister is a proud Oakland Raider fan. We're from Oakland, so it was kind of a no brainner. We love the colors and Silver and Black just go so well on us. I noticed that I don't have any photos from the first shoot here, so be on the look out. And check out my instagram for more pictures from this shoot.


instagram : @instantdork2.0
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