Sunday, January 29, 2017

the selling life

  I've got to say that this weekend has been pretty good to me. I've been trying to keep my selling a high priority. I've been editing my cover shots and shipping as quick as I can. I've sold 10 items this week and that's pretty big for me since December was my low month. My thought beginning this year was to be more active in my small business, in all aspects. So far, it's paying off.

  I follow a lot of resellers from all platforms; Amazon FBA, eBay, Poshmark, Vinted and even their own boutiques and I'm learning new things but more than anything, what I'm taking out of everything is if you work hard enough, if you make connections and lots of elbow grease, you can really make your business grow.


PS : do any of you sell your own clothes or resell? Any amazing finds lately?

Monday, January 23, 2017

new year, new routine

  New year, new me.  That's the motto for some people this year. I've decided to just keep going with what I have and give it my all. Be more organized so I can have more time to laze around. Yes, very ambitious, I know. But at least I'm being truthful.

  I signed up for the gym. ( sigh ) Cliche, but still it's something I did. I'm not doing it so much for losing weight, but more to be healthy. In order to motivate me I bought these shoes. I got them for a great price over at Postmark and I just can't wait to wear them.

  I've done some retail therapy and I might just have to do a outfit post soon. Until then.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

new in the shop : 01/17/17

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

  This year I'm trying to start strong in my shop, so whenever I have new items I will be adding a new post and sharing a few.  Links will be provided. Don't have an account with Vinted? No worries, you can email me over at and inquire abut the item you'd like.

Hoping everyone has a great Monday!


Sunday, January 15, 2017

new year expectations

  I'm a little late for writing a happy new year to anyone reading this. Fifteen days late, but this month has kind of been going quick for me.

I kind of want to do a quick review of my expectations for this year. I want to focus on finishing what I've started. There's always a whole lot of people starting things in the beginning of the year and not finishing it. But this year, I want to keep on doing what I'm doing and not stop. Hone my skills and flourish.

That means focusing more on my photography, on my selling and online presence. And personally, I want to travel at least four times this year. I want these travels to feel like vacations and not worry about anything. So far, I think I can do it.

I'm cleaning up my inventory for my shop and I am slowly but surely getting an organizational system I can keep up with. And there will be a "just in" series, you can say, that will come to the blog to show what you can buy in the shop.

I have ideas, but I will keep them underwear's for now since I want to keep it to myself if I don't go through with them. Until then!

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