Wednesday, February 8, 2017

4 year Poshaversary

  4 years ago on the 11th of this month I signed up for Poshmark and it's been quite a journey since then.

  When I first started using the app, Poshamark was pretty small still. It had barely started growing and gaining momentum and exposure. I wasn't very active on the app and only shares and posted sporadically. I signed up for a few other sites and I didn't quite like them for whatever reason. By 2014 I was posting more regularly and even went to my first ever PoshFest. I met so many people, some that I now talk to from selling strategies to family commitment. Poshmark has been a great platform for me to widen my views on achievement and it's community has a strong #husltgame.

  It's 2017 now and it's been 4 years. I've gone from selling 2-4 packages a month to selling 20-50 a month( although, I do get my slow months and it can be 15 packages a month ). I've attended 3 PoshFests and made more friends and met my PoshCrushes. This year I'm hoping to be more involved and expand beyond what I've already done. Poshmark has given me the platform and I want to take advantage of all the things I've learned there and put them to use.

 My goal this year is to grow and to keep growing and learning. I get so much from watching other PowerPoshers succeed and telling other sellers their stories and struggles and how they overcame them. But one thing that I keep hearing is to take the leap of faith. So, slowly but surely, I'm going to the edge of the cliff and taking that leap. I've just ordered my business cards and if you check my header, I re-made my logo, too. There's so much I want to do, but for now, I just want to let everyone know that with time and hard work, things will happen.


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