Monday, February 20, 2017

business cards

 One step that I have been avoiding since starting to sell online has been business cards. I just thought them to be for "real" businesses and I would always say that what I'm doing was just a hobby.  But in order for others to see me as a real business, I have to see myself as one first.

  I bought these business cards on Vistaprint along with some thank you cards.  I'm not going to say that I find it both intimidating and a bit humorous that I have business cards, I'm just much more laid back and you wouldn't think that I'd have any type of cards. But I am so excited to put them to use. I'm trying to keep myself on task, because everyone knows that the first six months to a year of starting anything new is hard, but this is where I'm starting to see that it's so worth it.

  I'm chasing my daydream with all I have, and so far it's been a great adventure.

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