Thursday, February 23, 2017

Closet Clear Out : the scoop

This weekend was fantastic!

  Every quarter or so, Poshmark has such a thing called Closet Clear Out and once you reduce your price by 10% or more, the people who liked the item will be notified and get reduced shipping for an hour. 

  This President's Day weekend was amazing for me sales wise and here's the result of dropping prices and accepting offers. Since I'm going to vacation next month, I'm trying to save as much money as I can so I won't be tight while enjoying myself. My flight and stay was paid with money that I've saved up from selling and it feels so good to do something I love and see it take me somewhere, literally.

  Here are a few tips on getting some sales and selling :

  • Lowball offers: Always counter. Yes, the offers are unrealistic sometimes, but just close the app, take a deep breath and remember, it's business not personal.
  • Advertise: use social media to put you and your items out there! Make yourself known and get that money.
  • Relist: If your item is already to your lowest price, relist it high and drop it low.
  • Bundles: They sell! I sold 2 bundles and they were awesome.
  • Strategic price drops: price drop at a time when you know people are on the app. For this, you have to know your followers and your closet peak times. 

  That's all I have for now. Did anyone else have a great CCO? If you have any other tips, let me know! I'd love to try new things to get more exposure.

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